"Away From You" (2021)
This is a commissioned music video for the debut single "Away from you" by the band Pleaser. The video is made mostly out of heavily edited stock footage as well as some original footage. The official music video can also be found on YouTube here.

Quiet Chaos (2020)
as part of my pavilion four series, "quiet chaos" is a collaborative film that was inspired by my time in the mental hospital. Scored by Marwan Ramen, the digital collage takes you through the emergency room, milk cartoons and prescriptions. A second version of this film is also available that includes an interview with Marwan Ramen on youtube.
side effects (2020)
also as part of my Pavilion Four Series ,"side effects" portrays the downsides of taking antidepressants, specifically the side effects of sertraline. The use of color depict the unstable emotional changes while the whispering audio haunts with an endless list of side effects. The complete pavilion four series is available under projects.
(Jenni) 2019
This self portrait is an experimental film made of mostly stock footage and royalty free music, also featuring "yellow" by the Indonesian singer, Rich Brian. The series of black and white clips are a call to my age of innocence. The quirky titles popping up grazed over basic information, until it was awkwardly disrupted and left as if unfinished in post production. This represents a big change in my life. at this point the cheerful music is cut and sped up, getting more anxious as people leave and more cigarettes are smoked. The film overall goes from light and whimsical, to unsettlingly quick and anxiety-inducing. As the chaos peaks, the film transitions into a state of depression and the flower is fully blooms.
Walking in the city (2020)
This cheesy training video is a commentary on the dangers of being a woman while walking around the city. We follow the narrator, chad, as he advises an unnamed woman on what she should wear and do while walking around the city alone. the satire and the mediocre quality of the film and writing is meant to make the viewer realize how absurd it is that there are so many factors to consider when walking alone as a woman.
narrator                     Sam Bulleit
Kyle                              stephen Lin
female                             Omai Tran
This film was made with royalty Free Music
Paper planes (2019) 
This is an experimental film that I made with code processing and video editing, Featuring "paper planes" by MIA. I mimicked the shapes and movements of folding paper planes through simple geometric patterns. This film follows the childish fun you can have from folding paper planes, but along with the frustration and chaos of not being able to fold it correctly. 
Decision Day (2019)
After receiving all my acceptance letters, I wanted to announce the university I was going to attend. I made this video with my self portrait sculpture. this sculpture is associated with the negativity I found growing up. the destruction of this sculpture was the destruction of negative emotions of the past. from the ashes rose my acceptance letter to School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and this is my future. This Video was made with Royalty-Free Music from bensound.com
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