manhattan (2020)
26" x 26" x 7"
This cardboard collage was inspired by the large buildings and long streets of new York City during the covid19 pandemic. the streets were empty and I wanted to portray the negative space left behind while still capturing the bold and bright colors of the city. 
Materials: Cardboard, hot glue, acrylic paint
glass (2019)
21" x 14" x 3"
this sculpture is A REPRESENTATION OF A FRAGILE STATE OF MIND, WITH THE BOX BEING THE HEAD, AND THE CONTENTS BEING THE MENTAL STATE OF THE SUBJECT. THE SOFT DELICATE PIECES OF PORCELAIN AND GLASS ARE BROKEN AND BARELY BALANCING TO STAY TOGETHER. After being broken down by outside forces, the shards are sharp, and defensive. Although the pieces can be assembled back together, doing so would risk the destruction of the entire structure, and the cracks would never heal.
Materials: plywood constructed into a box, porcelain tea set, glass vase, drawer handles, various glues, weaved gold yarn, acrylic paint.
Self Portrait (2018)
50" x 24" x 16"
I made this self portrait as a reflection of how I felt as a result of my father leaving me. This life Sized sculpture is made of recycled and unwanted objects, visually displaying a person who feels unwanted and useless. the rope tying the figure down to the chair shows how I feel trapped and unable to stand and fend for myself.
this self portrait is also featured in my video, Decision Day (2019)
materials: chair, newspaper, magazines, rope, twine, plastic bottles, metal bucket, soda cans, duct tape, masking tape, painter's tape, rubber cement, yarn, shoe, other recycled materials. 
Nostalgia (2018)
14" x 14" x 12"
this pile of dolls is a reflection of how childhood innocence can be weathered away and destroyed as you grow older. Many people prefer their childhood and reminisce in their nostalgia, however, the innocence that was once there is no longer the same. and is only sloppily held together by a thread and held up on a platter of adult struggles such as poverty and homelessness. 
Materials: ceramic dolls with stuffing, yarn, cardboard, pen
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